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What Can I Expect

Whether remote or in-person, we begin with discussing how you are feeling, and your short and long-term health goals. If we are partnering at a distance, I will ask you to find a place in your home where you can rest comfortably without distraction. If we are in person, I will invite you to lay on my massage table, or sit in a chair if that is more comfortable for you, always fully clothed.  

Treatment in person can involve both light physical touch and/or sweeping hand motions around your body, without any touch. Treatment at a distance involves me using my hands to treat your biofield and chakras as they present themselves to me through our energetic connection, similar to connecting through prayer.

I perform a pre assessment of your energy field, choose appropriate treatment, and finish with a post assessment to note changes in your energetic patterning. We end the session discussing results, processing the experience. I will offer you tools and resources you may use on your own, to continue your self-healing, and refer you to your own medical team for futher guidance.

Clients have described sensations of moving energy, deep relaxation, feelings of being supported and nurtured, or visions of images and colors. Some may experience an emotional release afterwards such as tears. Observable benefits may occur the same day as the session, or up to three days later.

What Can I Expect?: About

Client Testimonials

What Can I Expect?: Testimonials

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dawn for almost 10 years both personally and professionally.  She is very dedicated to her craft.  Her ability to listen to her clients and help them through their physical and personal struggles is what really allows her skills to shine and helps her when administering Healing Touch. I’ve found when I’m in Dawn’s care I am relaxed and able to communicate my needs and concerns.  Her sessions always leave me feeling rejuvenated and better to take on all that my days have to offer.  I recommend you place yourself in her very capable hands and enjoy all that Healing Touch has to offer.

Julie C - Minnesota
In Person Healing Session

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